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James Turrell at feno

Roden Crater, Bindu Shards, Wedgework – the works with which James Turrell found global attention. Here, his light observatory is just as spectacular as his light installations.

Together with feno, the light artist from Flagstaff, Arizona has not only created more of his famous Skyspaces, but other installations, too. From the Outside Insight Skyspace in Järna, Sweden, the Third Breath Skyspace for the Centre for International Light Art in Unna, Germany, the Open Sky Skyspace in Salzburg, Austria and the Open Sky Skyspace in Naoshima, Japan to works such as the Light Shaft in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and Light Transport in Zug, Switzerland.

Especially important to the visionary lighting artist is very subtle design with colour and light – an area where he cooperates closely with feno. After all, the Oberhaching company has long made its name with renowned artists and designers.

James Turrell was personally convinced by the attention to detail and the empathy for the artistic design that the entire feno team share. Together with his gallerist, Wolfgang Häusler from Häusler Contemporary Munich/Zurich, he visited feno, viewing every department from development to manufacturing. The feno employees, who made his exceptional works of light art happen with specially developed LED control solutions manufactured by feno, were delighted by this personal contact, showing that respect for the work of others is based on reciprocity.