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About feno

feno is a facilitator in two worlds – light technology and light experiences, creating impressive installations that are all unique in their own right. 

Since 1998, we’ve proven our position in the market and with our competitors through our premium quality light control systems, LED solutions and the supporting software products. And now we operate worldwide, too. In addition to our own products, we also offer comprehensive project management for light art and media façades. 

feno is also synonymous with innovative OEM solutions in the field of general lighting, as well as stage, automotive, medical and marine lighting. Our products impress with their quality, reliability and efficiency. 

 Light artists, designers, architects, light planners and developers are more than willing to rely on our extensive expertise and support as a partner. From concept and product development down to on site commissioning. Because feno connects both sides of light – before light and beyond. 

Our goal is to fulfil our clients’ requirements down to the very last detail. Through a combination of expertise and all of our experience. This includes meticulous planning as well as the latest technical knowledge, as well as an understanding of the aesthetic dimension of light.