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Brand Values

"High quality", "dynamic" and "uncomplicated" – these are feno's brand values. They describe our attitude and our commitment: to create impressive lighting experiences, each of which is unique in its own way.

"before light and beyond" expresses feno’s brand promise. The brand is not only brought to life by our products, services and the projects we’ve implemented, it’s also embodied by every single member of our team.

The name "feno" comes from the Ancient Greek word "pheno" meaning "to bring to light, make visible, to reveal". Our name is thereby an expression of our self-image: we bring lighting technology and light art together in a very special way. The feno key visual shows the interaction of physics and emotion and also visually underlines our role as intermediary. It references our circuit boards and, in its use, symbolises on the one hand the dimension of light, and the diversity of possible lighting experiences on the other.

The dot matrix is an abstraction of the circuit boards with their LEDs, used to control the light. Every dot represents an LED, which can be controlled separately, as well as in parallel to other LEDs on the circuit boards. Connecting all of the illuminated LEDs in your mind, you will see the letters of an alphabet appear. Letters of the typical feno alphabet. The letters f, e, n and o are layered semi-transparently over one another in the key visual, thereby visually portraying the shimmering, varying properties of light.